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What to Expect During a Pennsylvania State Vehicle Inspection

February 16, 2021

Though it might not apply to every county in every state, 37 states require some kind of periodic vehicle inspection by a licensed mechanic. If you own a car, you probably already know that Pennsylvania is one of those states. What you might not know, though, is what a vehicle inspection entails. This post will cover everything you need to know about state vehicle inspections in Centre County, PA to ensure you’re prepared for your next inspection. Exterior After checking your license and registration, your mechanic will do a thorough walk-around of your car. On the back bumper, they’ll make... View Article

Preventative Maintenance and Annual Inspections on Your Heavy Truck

February 2, 2021

Just like every other piece of equipment that’s vital to your business, it’s necessary to perform preventative maintenance on your heavy trucks. This can help you avoid costly repairs down the line. It can also help prevent accidents if the truck’s vital systems fail. Pennsylvania also requires annual inspections to ensure the truck is in good working order and compliant with all applicable regulations. When you need heavy truck repair in Centre County, PA, come to the experts at S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. We’re here to handle big rig truck repairs of any type, from new... View Article

What Gets Checked in a Pennsylvania State Car Inspection?

December 18, 2020

Pennsylvania requires state vehicle inspections for drivers in Bellefonte, PA before allowing registration. Inspection requirements depend on the type of vehicle, but passenger cars and light trucks fall in the same category. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation can provide additional details about vehicle inspections, but here is a general interview of inspection points: Suspension: This step starts with checking ball joints. Movement cannot exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. Shock absorbers must be intact and not leak. Mounting bolts must be tight, and cars and light trucks must have a stabilizer bar. Steering wheel: Functional steering is required for all vehicles operated... View Article

What Is Checked During a Car Inspection in Bellefonte, PA?

October 15, 2020

Having a functioning vehicle is a prerequisite for most adults in America—but it comes with plenty of upkeep, maintenance and licensing requirements. Pennsylvania requires an annual state car inspection to ensure that all cars on the road are safe to drive. Do you know what state inspections in Bellefonte, PA entail? Here’s what a regular Pennsylvania state inspection includes. When it’s time for your next inspection, make sure to work with a licensed shop like S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc.: Driver and vehicle registration: First, the shop will check your driver’s license and vehicle registration to make... View Article

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