How to Prepare Your Vehicle for an Annual Inspection

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for an Annual Inspection

December 23, 2021

Many states require either an annual or biannual vehicle inspection. These inspections usually include examining the interior and exterior of your vehicle as well as emission testing. While these inspections are routine, many people wonder what to know before emissions testing their vehicle.

Read on for information on preparing for an annual inspection of your vehicle.

The purpose of annual vehicle inspections

The purpose of annual vehicle inspections is basically to ensure your vehicle is safe to operate. Emissions testing is performed to make sure your vehicle meets the standards set by the federal Clean Air Act. This act was put into place to help reduce pollution.

If your vehicle doesn’t pass its annual inspection, you could face expensive repair fees and hefty fees. That’s why it’s important to properly prepare all your vehicles for their annual inspections.

Preparing the exterior

Vehicle inspectors will take a good look at the exterior of your vehicle during an inspection. Be sure to check things like your headlights and taillights. If any of your lights are out, have them replaced or repaired right away. Be sure to also take care of any cracks or chips in your lights’ lenses.

Ensure the glass windows and mirrors are free from chips and cracks as well. Small cracks and chips are usually easy to repair, though large ones may require an entire windshield replacement. When it comes to mirrors, be sure they are also free from cracks or chips. You should also tighten any loose mirrors.

Other exterior components you’ll want to check include your tires, wiper blades and bumper. Look for any leaks as well.

Preparing the interior

It’s just as important to take care of any interior issues, which may include problems with your brakes, suspension, signal lights and brake signals. For example, squeaking noises and trouble braking often signal the need for new brakes. Clunking noises and uneven tire wear could mean your suspension system needs repairs.

It’s important to always acknowledge signs of vehicle damage. Not only will this help you pass inspection, but it’ll keep you safe while driving.

What to know before emissions testing my vehicle?

Emissions testing is a routine part of annual vehicle inspections in many areas. If you’ve never had one done before, you may be wondering, “What to know before emissions testing my vehicle?” It’s actually a simple process that usually involves hooking your car up to a device called an on-board diagnostics (OBD) reader. Testers will also give your vehicle a visual inspection.

Get ready for your annual inspection

While annual inspections may seem inconvenient, they help ensure your safety as well as the safety of everyone else on the road. Bring your vehicle to a reputable auto repair shop who can check for any issues and repair them at a fair price.

At S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc., we perform emission inspections as well as safety inspections. Bring your vehicle to us today, and we’ll ensure it’s ready for the road!

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