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Why You Should Call Us Instead of Risking Riding on That Bad Tire

August 17, 2021

Despite their importance, you might not think about your tires unless you get a flat or need to have snow tires put on or removed. But tire maintenance is one of the most critical parts of responsible car ownership. This includes getting your tires changed or rotated when they become worn down. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How bad should a tire be before you call a tow truck?” or, “Is my tire okay to drive on?” then this article is for you. Here are some of the dangers of driving on bad tires. Tire treads and why they’re important... View Article

Signs Your Vehicle’s Tires Need Attention

August 4, 2021

When you drive a lot, you tend to get a feel for the road and how your vehicle is handling it. Sometimes, even the smallest changes in that feel can signal to you that something is wrong. If something’s not right with the tires on your vehicle, odds are you’re going to feel that in how it drives on the road. Sometimes, having to call for blown tire assistance is unavoidable, as accidents are unpredictable, and they do happen. But there are some things you can keep your eye out for (or your ear or your nose!) to avoid some... View Article

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