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Who Cleans Up After an Accident?

January 19, 2021

Car accidents can be dangerous and scary. The aftermath may include injuries and damage to vehicles. There’s also debris left over at the site of the accident, including car parts, leaves and branches, gasoline and other matter. This can pose hazards to any cars passing by and may result in a residual accident or environmental damage. For this reason, someone needs to be at the ready to handle this time-consuming and potentially dangerous process. Typically, tow truck operators are responsible for cleaning up the debris from an accident. If you need accident cleanup in Centre County, PA, S & R... View Article

Six Tips for Trailer Rig Maintenance

January 1, 2021

Many fleet managers are so focused on truck maintenance that they overlook trailer repair in Centre County, PA. Trailers are resilient, especially with today’s technology, but they can also produce expensive repairs, accident hazards and fleet challenges just like any other vehicle. It’s time to start caring for your trailers! Here are six tips for trailer rig maintenance that will keep your fleet in peak condition: Watch security features: Unless you enjoy lost cargo and insurance claims, inspect tie-downs, chains, ratchets and winches frequently. This process ensures your cargo stays on the trailer and remains protected from the elements. If... View Article

What Gets Checked in a Pennsylvania State Car Inspection?

December 18, 2020

Pennsylvania requires state vehicle inspections for drivers in Bellefonte, PA before allowing registration. Inspection requirements depend on the type of vehicle, but passenger cars and light trucks fall in the same category. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation can provide additional details about vehicle inspections, but here is a general interview of inspection points: Suspension: This step starts with checking ball joints. Movement cannot exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. Shock absorbers must be intact and not leak. Mounting bolts must be tight, and cars and light trucks must have a stabilizer bar. Steering wheel: Functional steering is required for all vehicles operated... View Article

Things to Know Before Having Your Semi Truck Towed

December 2, 2020

So, it’s the middle of the night, and your rig has failed you in the middle of nowhere. You’re closing in on a must-hit deadline, and you’re miles away from anyone you think could help. It’s time to call a towing service in Centre County, PA. At S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc., we understand how you’re feeling. Having semi-truck problems when you’re trying to get from point A to point B is unbelievably frustrating. You feel helpless and angry, and you’re in a hurry to get things back on track. All of those emotions are completely understandable.... View Article

Tips to Prep Your Semi (and Yourself) for Winter

November 18, 2020

In just a few short days, the last traces of summer in Pennsylvania will disappear, and we’ll be thrust into another long, white winter. What’s more, most predictions indicate that this year could involve an epic display of snow, ice and freezing rain. There’s no prettier place to be than tucked next to a fireplace watching the winter through your window—and there are few more dangerous places to be than on the road during a winter storm. While we’d all love to be tucked away for the winter, the fact is that commerce doesn’t (and simply cannot) stop for bad... View Article