11 Essentials Every Driver Should Have in Preparation for Winter Emergencies

11 Essentials Every Driver Should Have in Preparation for Winter Emergencies

December 26, 2022

Now that wintertime has arrived, there are a number of questions that motorists need to be proactive about answering. What should be in a winter weather emergency kit? What should I carry in my car for winter driving? The more prepared we are for the inevitable winter storms that come our way, the better. That’s why this guide is here to help.

The following is a list of essentials that every driver should have on hand in case of winter emergencies:

Water and Snacks

If you find yourself stranded for an extended period, water and snacks are imperative. Roadside assistance will be on their way but if the roads are bad? The wait could be long. A granola bar and a bottle of water could go a long way toward soothing hungry and cranky children as you try your best to remain patient.

Cell Phone Charger

A dead cell phone is the last thing that you need at a time like this. You will need your phone to call for assistance in these types of instances.

Tool Kit

Minor repairs and issues can be handled with a basic tool kit. This keeps a motorist from potentially being stuck waiting for further assistance and allows them to handle simple maintenance.

Jumper Cables

It is much harder for a car to start consistently when the weather is very cold. Jumper cables are a must, as they keep drivers from being without warmth. If the car does not start, the heater cannot be used, and you will be waiting for a jump.


Winter emergencies do not always happen to take place when there is a perfect amount of daylight. Getting stranded at night is already a nerve-wracking experience as is. Having a flashlight will make it easier to figure out what is wrong and allow other drivers to see you more clearly.

Windshield Washer Fluid

If the existing windshield washer fluid does not have antifreeze components, it could freeze. This fluid is a must-have, as it will allow the motorist to clear away snow and precipitation, increasing their visibility level.

First Aid Kit

This should be present in the vehicle all year round, but it takes on an added level of importance in the wintertime. Emergency vehicles are not going to be able to respond as quickly in the snow. First aid kits will provide the necessary assistance in the event of a crash.

Rock Salt

When tires are stuck in the snow, rock salt will help you get free. Kitty litter and sand will also do in a pinch.

Emergency Flares

Visibility is often reduced in the wintertime. Flares will allow cars and other emergency personnel to see your vehicle more easily when you are stranded on the side of the road.

Blankets and Gloves

Winter clothing is crucial. Your car’s heater is not always reliable, so have extra clothes to bundle up. Gloves are especially important when it comes time to clean the vehicle off.

Shovel/Snow Brush/Ice Scraper

Last but certainly not least, these are all must-have items. Place them in the car before the snowstorms arrive. Clearing away snow and ice could prevent a crash, while a shovel will let you dig your way out if you are stuck in the driveway.

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