Signs Your Vehicle's Tires Need Attention

Signs Your Vehicle’s Tires Need Attention

August 4, 2021

When you drive a lot, you tend to get a feel for the road and how your vehicle is handling it. Sometimes, even the smallest changes in that feel can signal to you that something is wrong. If something’s not right with the tires on your vehicle, odds are you’re going to feel that in how it drives on the road.

Sometimes, having to call for blown tire assistance is unavoidable, as accidents are unpredictable, and they do happen. But there are some things you can keep your eye out for (or your ear or your nose!) to avoid some problems that could result in calling for tow truck service or roadside assistance.

Here are some signs that your vehicle’s tires might be in need of attention.


If you feel the vehicle constantly drifting to one side, that’s a sign that something is out of whack. It might feel, at first, like the road is uneven or tilted somehow, but it’s more than likely caused by something wrong with your tires. Often, it’s because one of the front tires on your vehicle is low or is slowly leaking air, which can cause the vehicle to drift to that side. You can usually find an air pump at a gas station to remedy this problem. If it keeps happening, it’s best to get the tired checked by a professional and replaced if need be.

“Heavy” steering

When your tires are all right, steering should not be a challenge that takes strong forearms to complete. If it feels like your steering has become “heavy,” this could be a sign that your front tires have low pressure. This can happen over a few days, overnight or even over a period of time while driving. If your steering feels heavy, check your tire pressure, and put more air into the tires if necessary. If it keeps happening, it might be time to replace the tires.

Burning rubber smell

If you smell burning rubber while driving (and it’s not because you’re peeling out to show off your muscle car’s power), that indicates there might be a problem with your tires. This may mean your tires are past their prime and need to be replaced or that something is rubbing against your tires that shouldn’t be.

Unusual sound coming from below

When there’s an unusual sound coming from underneath your vehicle, that means you should stop and check it out as soon as possible. This sound can be anything from a flat tire to a piece of debris stuck in the wheel well. No matter the case, it should be taken care of right away, and it might mean you will need tow truck service.

Whether you need tow truck service, blown tire assistance or any kind of roadside assistance—or if you need a full and thorough preventative check of your vehicle and its tires—contact S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. today to get on the road safely as soon as possible.

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