Call Us When You Need Hazmat Cleanup in Centre County, PA!

Call Us When You Need Hazmat Cleanup in Centre County, PA!

July 10, 2019

Truck and trailer accidents on the road can get messy in a hurry, especially when you consider the cargo these vehicles could potentially be carrying. In some cases, tractor trailers haul various forms of hazardous materials, and if an accident occurs on the road, those materials could spill out, posing an immediate risk to all people and the environment in the surrounding area.

Anytime you need any type of hazmat cleanup in Centre County, PA, it’s crucial that you contact our team as soon as possible to prevent those potentially dangerous substances from spreading and contaminating people, animals and the environment. Only highly trained and certified hazmat cleanup specialists should be trusted to properly remove contaminants from your home, office, roadway or vehicle after an accident. These specialists have access to industrial-strength disinfectants for more effective sanitation, as well as more powerful machines that make for more effective removal of odors and toxins from the air. The hazardous materials are then disposed of in accordance with federal guidelines.

Here are just a few examples of some of the most common scenarios in which a hazmat cleanup team must be called in to provide assistance:

  • Accident cleanup: As mentioned above, there are some cases in which trucks may be transporting hazardous materials safely from one place to another. However, a vehicle accident can compromise that safety and result in a spill of those hazardous materials. Cleanup crews are able to come out to the site of the accident and clean up the materials before they spread, allowing accident cleanup teams to come in and do their jobs without fear of contamination.
  • Sewage backups: One of the more common in-home situations that requires a hazmat cleanup crew is a significant sewage backup. When sewage backs up into a home, it can bring in some extremely harmful microorganisms that can make people sick. Hazmat cleanup teams remove the sewage, moisture or contaminants, clean and disinfect the structure, perform deodorization work and discard any items or materials that will be unable to be cleaned.
  • Methamphetamine labs: Hazmat specialists are frequently called out to disinfect meth labs, as many of the chemicals used in its production are quite volatile and leave behind harmful residues. These hazmat specialists understand the various federal and state guidelines for cleaning surfaces in these areas and are able to work alongside law enforcement to get the property cleaned up as thoroughly efficiently as possible.
  • Bloodborne pathogens: Hazmat specialists are also called in to clean up blood, bodily fluids, tissue and various other potentially pathogenic substances, which could be a result of crimes, trauma, accidents or deaths. This is another reason why hazmat specialists are called out to accident sites—even if there was no hazardous material spillage, there may have been injuries or deaths in the accident that require hazmat attention.

For more information about when you should call for hazmat cleanup in Centre County, PA after a vehicle accident, contact the team at S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. today.

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