Common Car Problems To Watch Out For This Spring

Common Car Problems To Watch Out For This Spring

April 30, 2023

Common Car Problems To Watch Out For This Spring

The spring season is a great time to take your car in for service. This will ensure your car is working as it should, saving you headaches, time, and money in the future. However, even the best-maintained cars can run into problems. That’s why we want to educate you on some of the common car issues you might run into this spring.

1. Debris Under The Hood

Debris under the hood is a problem that most drivers don’t even consider, but it can cause problems in more ways than one. Leaves, in particular, can clog up vents and slide down the windshield underneath your hood. It can also collect water in areas of the engine bay that should be sealed off from moisture, such as your battery box and spark plug holes. Thankfully, most modern cars come with a built in rain gutter to direct excess water away from the engine and its components. Other useful tools include a leaf blower or air compressor, a drip pan, and an absorbent mat. Lastly, a good quality degreaser can help keep your engine bay free from grime and debris. It’s also a good idea to use plastic bags to protect sensitive areas while you’re cleaning.

2. Leaks

Nothing can make a car owner panic more than a few spots of fluid leaking from underneath their vehicle. But leaks can also denote a serious problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. There are a few common types of fluid that can leak from your car, and knowing how to identify them can help you avoid a big bill down the road. One type of fluid that you should watch out for is antifreeze – it’s yellow to green in color and often has a slight odor. This can be a sign that you need to get to the garage and have it checked out immediately, as this is a serious leak that could damage your car’s radiator or cause other serious issues down the line.

3. Low Fuel Economy

If you’re driving a car or truck and you notice that you’re getting less mileage than usual, it could be a sign of something wrong with your vehicle. Fortunately, many common car problems can be easily repaired to get your fuel efficiency back up and running like new. A dirty fuel filter can make it impossible for your engine to use the right amount of fuel. Often, this is caused by the filter becoming clogged or dirty due to wear and tear from dirt and debris in the system. Another potential cause of poor gas mileage is a bad oxygen sensor that measures how lean or rich the exhaust gases are. A dirty sensor will ask for more fuel than is necessary, wasting valuable gas and money.

4. Check Engine Light

When your car’s computer detects a problem, it illuminates the check engine light to let you know. It can mean anything, from a loose gas cap to a serious engine failure. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to diagnose the issue and get it repaired as soon as possible. Your mechanic will read your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system to determine what’s causing the problem and give you a recommendation for repairs. Sometimes, the check engine light can be a sign that your car’s emissions control system is having problems. This can make your vehicle fail an emissions inspection or smog test.

5. Tires

Tires are a crucial part of a vehicle, protecting you and your passengers against bad weather, road debris and slippery conditions. However, tires can also become a problem if they are not properly maintained. Keeping a close eye on your tires every day and having them checked by a mechanic regularly is the best way to keep your tires in good shape. One of the most common tire problems is under-inflated or unevenly worn tires. A tire that is too low can lead to poor handling or braking performance and could ultimately cause an accident. A car with improperly inflated tires can wear out faster and can also cause vibrations in the steering and suspension that create noise or thumping while you’re driving.

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