Signs It May Be Time To Call a Tow Truck This Winter

Signs It May Be Time To Call a Tow Truck This Winter

February 12, 2023

Does my car need to be towed? Like many other car owners, you may be unsure when to contact a towing company, even if your vehicle is acting out of the ordinary. This can be due to many reasons. Either way, if you notice severe issues with your vehicle, it may be time to call a towing service. Continue reading to learn what those signs are.

Indicators You Should Call a Tow Truck

If you are wondering when to call a tow truck, here are some signs to watch out for.

Trouble Driving Your Vehicle

One of the biggest signs you need to contact a professional tow company is if you begin to experience driving issues. For example, if your vehicle is not accelerating or decelerating correctly, you should contact a towing service. If this problem happens to you, avoid driving yourself to the nearest mechanic’s shop.

Damaged Wheel Components

If you notice any damaged wheel components, such as control arm damage or broken brake lines, you should contact a towing company. This could be extremely dangerous if you continue to drive your vehicle as is. If you were recently involved in an accident, you should check the side you were hit on for obvious damage. Sometimes, wheel damage can cause you to lose your braking ability.

Odd Smells

Another sign that you should contact a towing service when driving your vehicle is if you notice an odd odor. Typically, this can be an issue with the engine. Continuing to drive your vehicle when you notice strange smells can be dangerous. Pay attention to any sudden loss of fluid from your vehicle, such as coolant, brake, or oil. This could mean you have a serious leak that would require the assistance of a towing company.

Dashboard Lights Pop On

When the lights on your dashboard come on, your vehicle is warning you that something is wrong. For example, your vehicle may be overheating, and your check engine light will pop on. If you notice a warning light or a fuel level light, you should contact a towing service near you.

Strange Noises

Are your brakes making a grinding noise? If you notice any loud, unusual sounds coming from your vehicle, you should contact a towing company immediately. Furthermore, if you hear strange noises from the engine, such as screeching, knocking, or whirring, stop driving your vehicle and contact a towing company immediately.

Leaking Fluids

Check your vehicle to make sure that it is not leaking fluids. You will notice dripping or wet spots under the front end if your car leaks fluids. Wiper fluid isn’t dangerous. However, fuel leaks or coolant leaks can be dangerous and cause your engine to overheat. An explosion can occur if your vehicle is leaking fuel. These two instances call for immediate assistance. 

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