What Are the PA State Inspection Requirements?

What Are the PA State Inspection Requirements?

November 12, 2022

If you are new to the Pennsylvania area, you’ll need to know a few things about being a resident. Vehicle inspections are one aspect of living in PA that will differ from what you might know. The following are some common questions about PA vehicle inspections and how they work.

What Are the Requirements for PA Car Inspection?

You must take your car to a reputable inspection station authorized by the Department of Transportation. You must also have a valid vehicular insurance policy and a registration for the car. Additionally, you will need money for fees if the station performing your inspection charges.

What Can Make a Car Fail Inspection PA?

A vast assortment of issues can make a car fail inspection in PA. These are some of the most frequent reasons people fail such inspections:

Lights Not Working

All lights, such as headlights, dome lights, parking lights, license plate lights, etc., must work to pass inspection. If one is not working, you must replace or fix it before returning and passing the inspection.

Bald or Unsafe Tires

Your tires must have a safe amount of tread to pass inspection. Additionally, there must not be any bubbles, wires, and other unsafe conditions present.

Transmission Problems

All your vehicle’s shifting levers must work and be capable of doing their job. You can pass the inspection if they all function correctly.

Poor Emissions

Poor emissions are the main reason for failed inspections. Thus, you may fail this process if you have an exhaust or vacuum leak.

Cracked Windows

Windshield cracks must be tiny, less than 30mm, to pass the inspection. If not, you will have to take your vehicle somewhere to receive windshield repairs.

This list of common failure points for inspections is not exhaustive. The inspection station will perform a comprehensive list of checks, and you must pass all of them to receive a passing inspection. You can inquire with your local inspection station for a complete list of inspection points.

How to Prepare a Car for a PA Inspection

The best way to prep your car for an inspection is to inspect it yourself. Check the air in your tires and use a tread depth checker to see how much tread you have left beforehand. Next, change your oil and request the shop to do the rest of your maintenance. Lastly, solve any “Check Engine” light issues if you have them.

Tips for Passing Emissions Tests

You will have a higher chance of passing the inspection if you solve your “Check Engine” light issues. That light could be on for something minor, like a loose gas cap or a clogged filter, and it could also be something more serious.

You can take your vehicle to an auto parts store that does free battery and engine testing to pinpoint the problem. Once you’re clear about what the issue is, you can have a professional technician fix it.

The more you do before you visit the inspection station, the higher the chance you will pass the inspection.

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