The Top Most Common Heavy Truck Problems and Repairs

The Top Most Common Heavy Truck Problems and Repairs

October 12, 2022

There’s a lot you’ll need to know if you’re considering becoming a commercial truck driver. 
The more you know, the better you can prepare yourself should an incident occur while driving for another business or running your own operation. These are commonly asked questions about commercial truck problems and maintenance:

What are some problems with heavy trucks?

Commercial trucks have specific issues that smaller vehicles don’t have as frequently. Here are some of the multiple problems that occur in these trucks:

1. Brake Issues

Brake problems are common in commercial trucks because of the tremendous weight they must handle daily. The pressure from heavy loads sometimes causes the brakes to leak and malfunction.

The upside is that drivers typically can still stop commercial trucks even when the braking system faults in that manner. However, keeping a timely brake maintenance schedule can diminish the number of incidents that occur within the system. 

2. Overheating Engines

Overheating is more likely to occur in commercial vehicles than in regular cars. This issue happens primarily because of the large amount of work commercial vehicles do. A missed maintenance task such as a coolant fill-up or an ignored minor issue can lead to overheating. Head gaskets can occur due to overheating and cause catastrophic problems with the commercial vehicle’s engine. 

3. Starter Malfunctions

Starter problems tend to sneak up on truck drivers because their drivers operate them less in the wintertime. Truck drivers should have their starting systems maintained and frequently tested to combat this issue. Additionally, they should start their vehicles during dead seasons to keep specific components from going dormant. 

4. U-Joint Breakage

U-Joints are integral parts of the suspension system. These parts work by transferring the power from the vehicle’s transmission system to the differential. All suspension components are under tremendous pressure in a commercial vehicle. Because of the pressure, the drivers must stick to the maintenance schedule. These sensitive parts need to be lubricated at certain intervals to prevent them from becoming dry and breaking. 

What kind of maintenance does a commercial truck need?

Commercial trucks need some of the same maintenance procedures regular vehicles need. For one, they need to have the brakes checked more frequently than a regular automobile. As mentioned above, numerous parts of the suspension system also need to be lubricated. 

Commercial trucks must also have their engine oil changed regularly to keep the intricate parts lubricated for a longer lifespan. 

Tire pressure should be inspected frequently to ensure the best conditions for a safe trip. The pressure should be the same in all the tires, and it should meet the specifications in the manufacturer’s manual. 

Commercial trucks should also have their fluids checked before each trip so that operations go well. A quick 10-minute check can prevent problems such as overheating, brake failure, steering issues, etc. 

Those are common problems with commercial trucks, and a few maintenance tasks that can help. Be sure to implement these practices if you drive or own a commercial vehicle. 

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