Who Is Responsible for Cleaning Up After an Accident?

Who Is Responsible for Cleaning Up After an Accident?

December 9, 2021

While this can sometimes vary, it’s usually the responsibility of tow truck companies and operators to clean up after an accident. One of the main reasons why traffic accident cleanup services are important is because they help prevent other accidents, like flat tires and environmental damage.

Read on to learn more about who is responsible for cleaning up after an accident and why this cleanup process is so important.

Why you should leave it to the professionals

If you weren’t involved in the accident, it may be tempting to try and help out by removing debris; however, you should always let the professionals handle this part of the process. Trying to remove debris after an accident on your own can result in major injury. Not to mention, some accidents feature environmental hazards that no one should touch without the proper equipment.

Tow truck drivers keep cleanup equipment on hand, including brooms, shovels and liquid-absorbing substances. Usually, the cost of cleanup is included with the towing fee.

Avoid deep cuts and other injuries by letting the professionals do their jobs. If you were involved in the accident, simply find a safe place to wait until authorities and safety professionals arrive. Make sure all your other passengers are safe as well.

Environmental hazards

A big reason why traffic accident cleanup services are so important is that they help prevent environmental damage. Hazardous material spills can easily occur after an accident. Depending on the extent of the damage, vehicles could leak oil, coolant, gas or other fluids onto the ground.

Clean-up teams have special equipment and materials for removing hazardous chemicals from the area. If the accident is extremely bad, cleanup crews may need to close off the entire road.

Watch out for cleanup crews

If you come across an accident on the road, try to move over. Towing service providers need plenty of space to properly clean the area. Plus, you’ll want to avoid accidentally running over debris and possibly damaging your own vehicle.

Most states have move-over laws, which apply to all emergency vehicles, including tow trucks. These laws require all drives to slow down and change lanes when nearing any emergency vehicles.

What if you notice leftover debris?

It’s possible that tow truck services will miss some debris. If you notice any debris, contact local law enforcement. By doing so, you could potentially prevent another accident or damage to another driver’s car.

Call a reputable tow truck service

So, who is responsible for cleaning up after an accident? Most of the time, it’s tow truck services. The reason why traffic accident cleanup services are important is because they help prevent further accidents, environmental damage and much more.

If you’re looking for someone who can handle your accident cleanup needs, contact the experts at S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. We have the skills and equipment to handle even the largest accidents. Our accident cleanup services include cleaning petroleum spills, biological hazards and debris. We’ll clear the roadway quickly and efficiently.

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