Six Tips for Trailer Rig Maintenance

Six Tips for Trailer Rig Maintenance

January 1, 2021

Many fleet managers are so focused on truck maintenance that they overlook trailer repair in Centre County, PA. Trailers are resilient, especially with today’s technology, but they can also produce expensive repairs, accident hazards and fleet challenges just like any other vehicle. It’s time to start caring for your trailers! Here are six tips for trailer rig maintenance that will keep your fleet in peak condition:

  • Watch security features: Unless you enjoy lost cargo and insurance claims, inspect tie-downs, chains, ratchets and winches frequently. This process ensures your cargo stays on the trailer and remains protected from the elements. If any of these parts seem compromised, replace them. It’s not worth the risk to push it for one more run.
  • Air pressure is vital: Good tire inflation makes towing easier and saves gas mileage. Trailer tractors are expensive, and the proper inflation level helps them last longer. Install pressure monitoring systems so drivers know when trailer tires are low. Many fleet managers install sensors for the truck and forget about the trailer. Do not fall prey to that mistake.
  • Lubricate: Lubrication is crucial to proper trailer operation. Inspect the undercarriage components to see their condition. Lubricate them when they need it. Use greases with suitable thickening systems and performance for your purposes. When adding lubrication, use enough to purge any old oil and dirt.
  • Do not neglect suspension: Drivers notice suspension problems in trucks because of discomfort while driving, but it’s less obvious when trailers need suspension repairs. Inspect all suspension components for cracks and irregular wear. Check that the ride height position is correct, and if not, adjust it to the appropriate height. Unless you address these problems, the truck and trailer may not clear low-clearance areas, or the pressure will eventually damage the system. If you suspect any suspension issues at all, schedule a repair appointment as soon as possible.
  • Inspect lights: Trailer rigs have blind spots that make it challenging to see passenger cars. The best way to keep other drivers out of the way and prevent accidents is by having functioning lights. Never send a truck or trailer on a run unless brake, turn signal and reverse lights function. Check wiring for corrosion, since long runs over multiple conditions wear it out. Test lights before and after each run.
  • Monitor brakes: Without functioning brakes, you risk injured drivers, catastrophic accidents, lost cargo and, very likely, lawsuits. Check drum conditions with each brake or wheel service. Measure drums so you can estimate how long they last before the next maintenance appointment or inspection. If you are unsure of drum longevity at any time, replace them—it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, check that the angle between the slack adjuster and air changer push rod is near 90 degrees.

Is it time to give your trailers some attention? We can help! S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. offers trailer repair in Centre County, PA. Contact us to schedule an appointment if you need truck and trailer repair.

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