Tips to Prep Your Semi (and Yourself) for Winter

Tips to Prep Your Semi (and Yourself) for Winter

November 18, 2020

In just a few short days, the last traces of summer in Pennsylvania will disappear, and we’ll be thrust into another long, white winter. What’s more, most predictions indicate that this year could involve an epic display of snow, ice and freezing rain. There’s no prettier place to be than tucked next to a fireplace watching the winter through your window—and there are few more dangerous places to be than on the road during a winter storm.

While we’d all love to be tucked away for the winter, the fact is that commerce doesn’t (and simply cannot) stop for bad weather. If you’re going to be on the road behind the wheel of a big rig for prolonged periods of time, it’s worth implementing some strategies to stay warm and safe, including taking care of any necessary truck and trailer repair in Centre County, PA before you put your semi to the test.

Bring your semi to the shop

Most veteran drivers and industry experts recommend having some minor work done on your rig, whether you feel it’s necessary or not. Some minimal truck and trailer repair in Centre County, PA can save you a bundle in lost time and profits later on:

  • Get an oil change: Make sure that the lifeblood of your engine is ready to get the job done when the weather is at its fiercest.
  • Test your battery: One of the most frequent issues experienced by drivers on winter roads is a run-down battery. Remember that the winter weather can deplete your battery’s supply, pushing it to work harder than necessary in the cold. Make sure your battery can stand up under the pressure.
  • Inspect tires: When the temperature falls, the air pressure in your tires can drop. This leads to decreased handling ability of your semi-truck. Make sure you’ve got plenty of air (and that the tread on your tires can handle the roughest parts of the road.
  • Check your lights: During the winter, there are fewer daylight hours. As a result, you’ll be relying on your headlights more often than usual.
  • Check the brakes: When the snow falls and Pennsylvania streets ice over, your vehicle’s brakes are perhaps the most critical safety component. A pro can determine if everything is in good working order.

These are just a handful of the suggestions and improvements a seasoned semi mechanic can make.

Trust the pros

The single smartest move you can make when heading into another northeastern winter is to get some preventative truck and trailer repair in Centre County, PA. You would be utterly astonished at the amount of money you could save by simply having a knowledgeable professional ensure that your engine is in its best possible shape.

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