Tips for Towing Heavy Equipment

Tips for Towing Heavy Equipment

August 19, 2020

Anyone who assumes “towing is towing” and that there’s no difference between towing a small sedan and a heavy-duty pickup truck or construction equipment is sorely mistaken. Larger vehicles require more consideration when it comes to towing in Centre County, PA. This post will cover everything you need to know about towing heavy-duty vehicles and equipment:

  • Hire experienced drivers:Drivers who have been around the block and know how to safely load, drive and unload a variety of vehicle types are more likely to be successful. With an experienced driver behind the wheel, you can rest easy knowing the vehicle will make it safely from point A to point B.
  • Use the right vehicle and trailer:Next, you’ll need to ensure the truck has the proper gross weight rating to haul your equipment. A tow truck that’s designed for towing sedans and other lightweight vehicles simply won’t be able to tow heavier vehicles. Choosing the wrong truck for the job will end in disaster, assuming you’re even able to get the truck moving in the first place.
  • Make sure everything is secure:Before you drive off, you’ll need to check and double-check that everything is tied down and secure. In addition to using chains to tie down the equipment, pad the edges of the towing bed to ensure ties don’t get damaged during transportation. If you need to make any pit stops on your way to your destination, we recommend checking that everything is still tied down tight.
  • Allow for plenty of time: Rushing through a towing job is never a good thing, but this is especially true when towing heavy gear. As you can imagine, heavy equipment takes a lot longer to load onto the tow truck, and you’ll probably need to drive slower on your way to your destination.

Call our team to haul your heavy equipment

If you need towing in Centre County, PA for your heavy equipment, look no further than S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. Here are a few reasons why customers consistently choose to work with us:

  • Years of experience: We’ve been in business since 1982, which means there’s nothing we haven’t seen or towed! Our skilled drivers have the skills and knowhow to accomplish whatever towing job comes their way.
  • The right fleet: Along with a crew of seasoned drivers, we have a fleet of vehicles to tow anything and everything. We have 60-ton wreckers with side pullers and a 30-ton boom truck to haul even the heaviest trucks and equipment.
  • Emergency towing: Emergencies don’t always happen during standard business hours, which is why we’re always on call to help after a breakdown or collision. Regardless of the day or time, we’ll send a tow truck your way to help get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The choice is clear if you need heavy equipment towing in Centre County, PA: call S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. Regardless of where you are, we’ll arrive right away to haul your heavy equipment, truck or any other vehicle.

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