Why Our Customers Are Our Top Priority

Why Our Customers Are Our Top Priority

July 17, 2020

The auto care business is a challenging and rewarding line of work to be in. We see a lot of difficulties and problems faced by our customers, and it’s our pleasure and privilege to help them with their car troubles so they can get back out on the road as quickly as possible. We can’t exist without our customers, so we take real pride in making them our absolute top priority in everything that we do.

While towing in Centre County, PA is just one part of what we do, we bring that same spirit and commitment to every service we offer here at S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc.

Our customers keep us going

It sounds obvious, and perhaps even a bit corny, but no business can exist, let alone thrive, without the contribution of its customers. Our company is no different. We rely on the people we’ve served 1982, and we rely on those who are new to the area and looking for a reliable auto service garage. We offer both groups (and everyone in between) the same level of outstanding service, and have no doubt that we’ll continue to do so for years to come. Whether you need major repairs, brake work, air conditioning work, diesel engine work or towing in Centre County, PA, we are ready to be your trusted provider.

Customers deserve care

Just by virtue of being in a situation where you need towing in Centre County, PA, then chances are you’re not having your best day. We’re human too—we know how those days can feel, and we know how rewarding and good it can feel to have a helping hand offered to you when it feels like your back is against the wall. Our team knows that while we need to address the car when we arrive on a towing scene, the customer also deserves an empathetic and caring response. That’s why our drivers always make sure to introduce themselves when they arrive on the scene and move the customer to a safe location immediately—their care is our top priority.

Information is key

We also engage with our customers and make them feel cared for because their information is our best weapon to diagnose and fix any issues with their vehicle. If you felt a rumble or hit a deer or someone ran a light, all this info can help us to fix up your car and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Making our customers feel comfortable helps us earn that trust.

If you’re looking for an auto garage in Pennsylvania that recognizes the importance of customer service and always holds the customer first, come to S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. Our team members prioritize the comfort and trust of everyone who interacts with us because we know how stressful car trouble can be. For help with towing in Centre County, PA and so much more, get in touch with us today!

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