The Hardest Tasks for a Tow Truck Driver

The Hardest Tasks for a Tow Truck Driver

July 31, 2020

Being a tow truck driver is a difficult and dangerous job, even on the best days. Not everyone can drive a tow truck, which is why we’re so proud of having the cream of the crop working for us and providing a top level of service to every customer who calls us up. Our drivers are put in positions that can be very challenging to navigate, so we take pride in making sure they have the best training and equipment so they can work their way out of anything and get your car back on the road in no time. We’ve worked with our drivers to put together this list of some of the particularly tricky aspects of towing in Centre County, PA.

Dangerous surroundings

The most obvious source of danger for tow truck drivers is the setting in which they work. They’re frequently pulled over on the sides of dangerous roads, with cars whizzing by at high speeds. Visibility can often be compromised—towing in Centre County, PA is never more dangerous than on the highway at night during bad weather. Our drivers take every precaution to protect themselves and the motorists they’re helping. These efforts can include high-visibility clothing, bright sirens and lights and flares that alert coming drivers to the stopped vehicles up ahead.

Road navigation

Our tow truck drivers know this part of Pennsylvania inside and out. They’ve helped motorists on most roads, boulevards, streets and cul-de-sacs around here, and know how to get around. However, sometimes they’re directed to an area that even they might not be familiar with. Additionally, even if they know where they’re headed, the road might still be treacherous. Quick turns, potholes and fallen branches are dangerous for all drivers to get around, but especially so for tow truck drivers at the wheel of large trucks that aren’t quite as nimble as other vehicles on the road.

Distractions all around us

The advent of the smartphone has made towing in Centre County, PA perhaps more dangerous than ever before. Drivers everywhere have more chances than ever to take their eyes off the road, putting everyone else around them in serious danger. This is doubly true for tow truck drivers, who are out of their trucks and vulnerable when helping motorists on the side of the road. Help us let our employees get home to their families and keep your smartphone out of your hands anytime you’re behind the wheel.

Our team here at S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. has almost four decades of experience helping our customers with their towing and auto service needs. We’ve been able to make it this long by making sure that our drivers are the most cautious and professional drivers on the road, so we hope we’re your first call if you ever find yourself needing roadside assistance or general auto care and repairs. Get in touch as soon as you need us—we hope to earn (or keep re-earning) your business soon!

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