Four Common Types of Heavy Towing Equipment

Four Common Types of Heavy Towing Equipment

July 2, 2020

Heavy-duty towing service in Centre County, PA includes special equipment needed to tow semi trucks, tractors, busses, motor coaches and trailers. Trucks and equipment performing this work must be able to handle the weight and abide by the special requirements for moving these larger vehicles. Operators also offer specific skills to use this equipment successfully. Here are four common types of heavy towing equipment used for semi trucks, motor homes and other large vehicles:

  • Fully hydraulic lowboys: These are the specialty tow trucks used to handle large, heavy vehicles. Set aside for only the largest jobs, the trucks offer the size and weight to address wrecked or broken-down semi trucks or lift heavy-duty parts. You will also see these advanced trucks used for towing heavy equipment between job sites and moving concrete sheds and structures.
  • Car transporters: You likely see these vehicles deliver cars to dealerships or auctions. However, they also have a role in wrecking services. If you hear of a large pile-up on the highway, there is a chance that there is no space for multiple tow trucks, and a car transporter may be the best option. Transporters also deliver wrecked cars to junkyards and help with other multiple-vehicle deliveries. Trucks use a low stack edge to safely secure and stack cars, and the pressured-assisted flatbeds help ensure cars arrive at their destination safely.
  • Tractor trailer towing: When people think of semi truck accidents, sleepy drivers, horrible damage and extensive injuries are the first elements that come to mind. What may not immediately occur to them is moving the load to a designated spot so it can continue on its journey. Sometimes, the tractor trailer is taken to one place for repairs and the load to a distribution point to continue for delivery. If the semi and its load are transported at the same time, a tractor trailer towing vehicle offers the capacity to finish this job.
  • Far reach axle lifts: The purpose of these lifts is to move large vehicles from a concentrated hub area to avoid damage. They are installed on heavy-duty vehicles and offer special pivot lifts to make it easier to move trailers, tractors, buses and even fire trucks. This allows them to tow through tight spaces and rescue buses and trucks that may be stuck somewhere out of which a driver cannot maneuver.

The bottom line is that heavy-duty towing requires a complete fleet to address all possibilities when large vehicles wreck or break down. Operating this equipment requires experience and skill, so if you ever need these services, you need to consider a towing service that is prepared to get the job done right the first time and avoid causing further damage to vehicles, trailers or cargo.

S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery, Inc. offers towing services throughout Centre County, PA. In addition to towing, we offer other services geared toward semi trucks and other large vehicles, including specialty roadside assistance, repairs and accident cleanup. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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