Handling Big Rig Towing Problems

Handling Big Rig Towing Problems

June 18, 2020

Towing a big rig is not the same as towing a passenger car. Semi trucks offer challenges that require specialist knowledge and equipment, and you often cannot call just any random towing company. Problems go beyond towing in Centre County, PA, and there are other issues that must be handled if big rigs break down or wreck. Here are five issues unique to big rigs and how we handle them:

  • Weight: The most obvious difference between semi trucks and passenger cars is their sheer size. There should be no doubt that towing a big rig requires a different type of tow truck. Big rigs can weigh around 80,000 pounds, and undersized tow trucks will not accomplish the job. That’s why our fleet includes wreckers that can handle the size of semi trucks.
  • Accident recovery and cleanup: Big rigs have large fuel tanks and may be carrying hazardous materials. They also have larger parts that can fall off in wrecks and cause traffic to back up for miles. While a passenger car wreck often only includes removing the vehicle from the area and bringing it to a repair facility, truck wrecks and breakdowns can include hazmat assistance, biological hazard cleanup and excessive road debris. Companies called to tow big rigs are often prepared to address the aftermath of accidents as well.
  • Cargo transfer: Unless your trailer is empty, you likely have cargo that still needs to make it to Point B or another distribution point for another driver to pick up the load. If your truck is not functioning or you are injured, someone else needs to pick up the slack. Tow truck operators can contact your main office to see what needs to happen with the cargo. We can tow the rig to one spot and the trailer to another to ensure timely delivery. Sometimes, trucking companies send their own agents to pick up the cargo, but we are here for that job if needed.
  • Safety: Big rigs often require towing or assistance after jackknifing. Since mishandling this situation leads to danger for other drivers and all workers at the accident site, these circumstances must be handled carefully, and sometimes with experienced and creative solutions. Winching techniques that correct jackknifing are often slow and intricate, with an area cleared just in case the trailer falls over. We have the technique but also know how to set up the proper safety range.
  • Roadside assistance: For consumers, roadside assistance normally involves jump starts, lockouts, flat tires and towing from a wreck or after a breakdown. Since there are few places to tow big rigs where they can be repaired and sent on their way, many repairs need to be performed on the road. This makes roadside assistance much more extensive for big rigs, and if the rig is inoperable or seriously wrecked, roadside assistance must have a vehicle large enough to tow it.

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