Places You Should Never Wait for Roadside Assistance

Places You Should Never Wait for Roadside Assistance

May 29, 2020

Dealing with a car breakdown can be a frustrating, anxiety-ridden experience. It’s important that you get your vehicle to the side of the road as soon as it is safe to do so, but in some cases it may not be possible, especially if you’re on a busy road with vehicles that don’t give you the opportunity to pull over and get out of traffic.

No matter what, you need to get to as safe of a location as possible. But what does a safe spot to wait for roadside assistance look like? Or, perhaps more importantly, where are the worst places for you to wait for roadside assistance or towing in Centre County, PA? Here’s a quick overview.

On the road

You should get off the road as soon as you realize something is wrong with your vehicle. It is especially important to get away from oncoming traffic.

Put on your vehicle’s flashing hazard lights to make it clear something is wrong with your vehicle. This will alert other people to your presence and to you slowing down so they do not slam into your vehicle. After this, try to get off the right side of the road, onto the shoulder or emergency lane. If it is possible, get completely off the road. If you’re on a city street, you can try to find a parking lot if one is at all close by—otherwise, simply pulling up on the side of the road is fine.

There are some roads on which it will be difficult to get off the road if the car breaks down while you’re in the middle of driving, but do the best you can to get off the road for your safety and the safety of other people sharing the road with you.

Next to your car

People often get out of their vehicle and stand right next to it when calling for assistance. However, this can be extremely dangerous—you should never stand right next to, in front of or behind the vehicle while waiting for assistance, as other drivers might not notice you and may collide with the vehicle or with you, resulting in a potentially serious or fatal accident. Either stay inside the vehicle where you are better protected, or walk well off the road while you’re waiting for assistance.

Outside when you’re on a highway

If your car breaks down on the highway, it can be even more difficult for you to pull over than if you’re on a city street. Traffic will be moving much faster than on other types of roads, and if there’s a lot of traffic, pulling off to the side can be hard. If you break down in the middle of a busy highway, it is much safer for you to remain inside the vehicle than to try to get out and off to the side. You may feel like a sitting duck, but it is better than the alternative of being struck while unprotected.

For more information about staying safe while waiting for towing in Centre County, PA, contact the team at S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. today.

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