A Heavy-Duty Towing Guide

A Heavy-Duty Towing Guide

May 15, 2020

Heavy-duty towing equipment is frequently used for towing away vehicle wreckage from serious car accidents, or for towing large vehicles that have broken down out on the road. Heavy-duty towing in Centre County, PA requires a different set of equipment, as well as different techniques than what you might see from lightweight towing.

With this in mind, here’s a quick overview of what you should know about heavy-duty towing.

About heavy-duty towing

The process of heavy-duty towing involves using specialized equipment for larger, heavier objects, including rotator winches, under-lifting machines and, in some cases, cranes.

Because different types of equipment and techniques are used and different kinds of vehicles may need to be towed away, people who will be performing heavy-duty towing services must go through different trainings to develop the appropriate skillset for the job. Those who do heavy-duty towing work must give special attention to doing whatever they can to prevent further damage or injury. This is especially true with significant accidents involving tractor trailers, or breakdowns of these large vehicles.

At an accident site, heavy-duty towing companies will typically work alongside local law enforcement and emergency responders to make sure the area is cleared as safely and efficiently as possible. In some cases, it is necessary to preserve evidence at the site for investigators to do their work. In those instances, there is special equipment that will be used, and only those who have special training in heavy-duty towing rescue should use it. For example, a piece of equipment called a Speedcrane is commonly used at accident sites. This is a device that is designed to tow vehicles away without any dragging, which helps to prevent damage. This can be done without having to enter the vehicle as well.

As one might expect, heavy-duty towing comes with some degree of risk, due to the larger, heavier equipment being pulled away from the site. People taking on heavy-duty towing jobs must be good problem solvers, as every job will need to be carried out differently based on the nature of the accident or breakdown. This is why it’s so important that everyone who wishes to work in the field goes through all of the proper training, and why it’s crucial for those in need of heavy-duty towing services to work with companies that have demonstrable experience in the field and a reputation for high-quality, safe work. All accidents involving heavy-duty vehicles must be carefully analyzed and inspected before the heavy-duty towing can begin, so you can mitigate any extra risks associated with damage to neighboring cars, buildings and structures.

This should give you some sense of everything that’s involved with heavy-duty towing in Centre County, PA. To learn more about the heavy-duty towing services offered by S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc., we encourage you to contact our towing company today. Our team looks forward to hearing from you and answering any of the questions you have about our towing services, the equipment we use and the situations in which our services are most beneficial.

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