Why Towing Companies Are Busiest in the Spring

Why Towing Companies Are Busiest in the Spring

April 7, 2020

America is a nation of cars. Maybe it’s because our sprawling country runs 3,000 miles from coast to coast. Maybe it’s the sense of freedom that cars represent to their drivers. Regardless, you’d be hard pressed to find an average American who doesn’t have a close relationship with their car or truck.

We wash them, we check their fluids and we make sure they’re correctly maintained. Of course, no matter how much love we pour into our cars, eventually, they will break down. When that happens, it’s time to call in the tow truck. When spring has sprung, however, you might find it challenging to get a towing company on the phone.

Here’s a closer look at why towing in Centre County, PA, can be hard to come by in the spring.

Better road conditions

You might think that winter is the time when most cars would find themselves in need of a tow truck, but you’d be wrong. Sure, the roads are in rough shape during the winter, but that very fact keeps a lot of drivers inside. As the snow recedes, more and more drivers hit the road in celebration of the sunshine.

Improved road conditions mean more drivers, which means more broken-down vehicles—and that translates to more work for towing in Centre County, PA.

People don’t prep

Winter is easily the most stressful season for your vehicle. The cold weather takes a significant toll on everything, from your battery life to your engine’s performance. When springtime rolls around, a lot of drivers simply get on the road and put a lot of pressure on their ill-prepared car or truck.

If drivers don’t take the time to make sure that their vehicles are ready for the heavier demands of spring driving, then problems arise, and those drivers inevitably find themselves stranded on the side of the road.

Kids and cars

Spring is the time of year when children across the country get a week off from school. Spring break typically means everything from families traveling to vacation destinations to older kids flocking toward the beaches of Florida. That extra traffic on the road—especially when it’s comprised of irresponsible young drivers—tends to mean that more and more tow trucks throughout the United States are being called on to help broken-down cars.

Don’t take chances

If you find yourself in need of towing in Centre County, PA, don’t take chances with a busy signal. Call on S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc.. We guarantee excellent service, day in and day out.

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