Signs Your Car Needs Clutch Repair

Signs Your Car Needs Clutch Repair

December 6, 2019

There are a lot of moving mechanical parts in a vehicle, and when something goes wrong, it’s important to have a professional look at it as soon as possible so you can prevent any further errors or breakdowns from occurring (and causing more expensive repairs).

The clutch in your vehicle is essentially a lever that regulates how power is distributed in the vehicle. It handles the power produced in the engine and regulates how that power gets distributed to the transmission and wheels. This is the tool you use to shift gears in the transmission to send more power to the vehicle during acceleration. Manual transmission cars need a clutch to operate and shift gears.

There are some circumstances in which the clutch can become inoperable, or at least troublesome. Here are a few signs that you should approach a professional for clutch repair in Centre County, PA:

  • You notice the clutch sticking: A sticking clutch can become inconvenient and annoying in a hurry. This phenomenon involves it becoming difficult to press the clutch down. It could also result in the clutch getting stuck down closer to the floor. What this most likely means is that the hydraulic linkage the clutch uses to operate has failed. It’s possible you just need to readjust the clutch, but there’s also the possibility that there’s a hydraulic fluid leak that has resulted in a loss of pressure, causing the clutch to stick. A leak is a much more serious problem that will generally require you to completely replace the clutch linkage and possibly the clutch plate as well.
  • Strange smells: If you notice unusual smells while accelerating or applying the clutch, that’s a sign that you should have your clutch looked at by a professional automotive technician. When first learning how to drive a stick shift vehicle, you may notice a burning smell that occurs as you learn how to accelerate while in first gear. Once you’re an experienced driver, that’s a smell that should no longer occur, because you’ve learned how to properly accelerate and shift up. If, however, you notice a frequent presence of that burning paper smell, there’s some sort of problem inside your vehicle. It could be a result of excessive wear caused by driving in dense, slow traffic. It could also simply be a sign that you need to adjust the clutch, especially if there’s smoke that goes along with the smell.
  • Gear slippage: Have you been having issues with your vehicle slipping out of gear? Perhaps you’ve noticed it jerking forward while you drive. This probably means you have a worn-down clutch that needs to be entirely replaced. However, it could also be indicative of an oil leak on the clutch plate that has caused the clutch to become overly lubricated. In either scenario, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected by a professional.

For more information about the most common signs that you need clutch repair in Centre County, PA, contact the team at S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. today.

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