Slow Down and Move Over: How to Safely Wait for Towing Assistance

Slow Down and Move Over: How to Safely Wait for Towing Assistance

November 21, 2019

Traffic laws in Centre County, PA don’t just cover driving. You’re also expected to safely conduct yourself when passing by or waiting for roadside or towing assistance. These laws are designed to protect you and other motorists from causing any additional harm. Each year, about 200 people—including roadside assistance workers and good Samaritans—are killed due to other drivers not following the traffic laws. All 50 states require that drivers slow down and move over when they see construction or emergency workers.

Staying safe while waiting for assistance

  • Figure out your location: If your car breaks down in an unfamiliar area, you may have trouble describing your location to emergency roadside assistance providers. Try to move your car off the road and alert others with flares or other emergency notification devices. Look for landmarks, street signs or other features that could identify your exact spot.
  • Always have a charged phone: It wasn’t so long ago that cell phones became popular, but now it’s almost unthinkable to go without one. After you call roadside assistance, you should let your family and friends know where you are. In the event that you’re in an unsafe place, they should know in case of emergency. It’s also a smart idea to keep a charged external battery in your glove box.
  • Be careful when accepting help: Many good Samaritans will stop to help in the event of an emergency, but sometimes predators are attracted to vulnerable targets. Be wary of accepting help from strangers, but make sure you’re respectful in declining help, too.

Staying safe while passing someone having car trouble

  • Always remain alert: Your top priority as a driver should be paying attention to the speed limit and watching out for other cars and obstructions. That includes keeping an eye out for emergency personnel or stranded vehicles on the side (or in the middle) of the road. Staying alert will help you spot obstructions with enough time to slow down and pass safely.
  • Reduce your speed: When you see emergency assistance, accidents or broken-down vehicles, you should reduce your speed to around 10 to 20 mph under the speed limit. Of course, if an emergency worker directs you to do otherwise, you should follow their instructions.
  • Switch lanes: If you have the option of switching lanes on a multi-lane roadway, take the opportunity to pull as far away as possible. If you’re unable to pull over, reduce your speed and give the vehicles a wide berth.

Whatever side of the road you’re on, using caution and common sense and obeying traffic laws in Centre County, PA will save lives—maybe even your own.

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