What to Do if Your Car Is Illegally Towed

What to Do if Your Car Is Illegally Towed

September 11, 2019

It can be frustrating to find that your car has been towed, especially if you feel it has been illegally towed in Centre County, PA. Without your car and without any obvious recourse against the towing company, you can feel helpless and obligated to pay the fees required to get your car back. However, illegal towing in Centre County, PA does happen, and there are steps you can take to right the situation. Read on for more information about your rights of recourse:

  • Triple check the parking rules: Before taking any course of action against the towing company, triple check the rules for the spot that you parked in. Make sure there is no signage anywhere around the area, including at the entry of the lot or in nearby spots. You can call the managers of the property on which you were parked to double check the rules and complain that you were unfairly towed.
  • Check the tow company’s procedure: Legally, a towing company has to follow some specific procedures when towing a car. They must get a picture of the car in the illegal spot and notify the local police department to make sure the car wasn’t stolen. You’ll need to get copies of these photos from the towing company, and you may want to call the police department to see if the car was reported as towed.
  • Complain to the police department: If you’ve followed proper protocol and still believe you were illegally towed in Centre County, PA, you can work with the police to file your initial complaint.
  • Know your rights: It’s important to read up and get familiar with your rights as a consumer and the rules that govern towing companies to know what course of action to follow. Many consumers who can’t pay the release fees while the towing company continues to store their car find that the storage fees begin to surpass the actual value of the car. Eventually, the towing company will auction off the vehicle. Predatory towing can continue because most people do not have the time and resources to take companies to court.
  • Government protections: Both local governments and auto insurance companies support laws that govern the practices of towing companies to avoid predatory towing practices. Their laws are made to prevent increased insurance costs due to negligent or illegal towing in Centre County, PA. Understand the laws that govern your area to best understand the appropriate course of action in your situation.

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