What to Know About Towing Laws

What to Know About Towing Laws

August 28, 2019

Nobody likes to go out to the parking spot where they left their car only to find that their car has been towed, especially if they believe they were parked legally. Fortunately, there are a few specific towing laws in Centre County, PA that govern how a towing company can operate. Recently some laws were passed limiting the towing rights in Centre County, PA of towing companies to charge egregious fees, as well as mandating proper signage and other ethical practices. Read on to learn more about your rights and the laws that govern towing:

  • Legal tows: Towing laws in Centre County, PA state when a vehicle can and cannot be towed. Vehicles can be towed if they are parked illegally on public or private property, such as when parked in a handicapped spot without proper permits. Owners of private property can also have a vehicle towed if they are parked in a fire zone, loading area or other restricted area. Vehicles can also be towed if they are no longer operable due to damage.
  • Signage: Towing laws in Centre County, PA state that there must be proper signs that say parking is restricted, and that towing is enforced in order to legally remove your vehicle. Vehicle owners should know before they park in a specific spot that parking there is illegal.
  • Cost: Unfortunately, there are few towing laws in Centre County, PA that limit the amount a towing company can charge. Typically, tows will cost around $200, but if the vehicle is damaged in a collision and needs to be stored, fees can be up to $1,000. Some tow truck operators will hook up a vehicle and then offer to unhook the vehicle for a drop fee, which is often less than paying once the vehicle has been stored.
  • Getting your car back: You should be able to retrieve your car when the towing company is open during its posted hours of operation, unless law enforcement has requested that the vehicle be held. However, you as the vehicle owner will have to pay for the towing, storage and release services in order to gain access to your car.
  • Collisions: In the event of a collision, tow truck operators are only allowed to tow a vehicle if the vehicle owner calls for a tow. Law enforcement officers or authorized municipal personnel can also make this call.
  • Your rights: If you feel you’ve been unfairly towed, you do have some towing rights in Centre County, PA. You can file a civil lawsuit, although the costs of hiring a lawyer and going to court will likely exceed that of the tow itself. You can also file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

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