Six Signs You Might Need Transmission Repair in Centre County, PA

Six Signs You Might Need Transmission Repair in Centre County, PA

February 6, 2019

Mechanical issues are not exclusive to one type of vehicle. Even with regular care and maintenance, problems will happen sooner or later to all vehicle types. A prime example is transmission trouble—anyone who drives a car, truck or SUV long enough will eventually need to take it in for transmission work, whether it needs basic service, a fluid change or flush, repair or replacement. The type of service needed mostly depends on how long the vehicle has been driven with transmission issues and how much damage it’s caused.

Your best chance at avoiding the expense of a total transmission rebuild is to not ignore the symptoms of impending doom. Here are six signs you might need to seek out a professional for transmission repair in Centre County, PA:

  • Difficulty shifting: The gears in your vehicle are a crucial part of the transmission. When the gears and the transmission stop working together as they should, that is when problems can start. For this reason, don’t ignore problems with shifting gears. Signs include the vehicle falling out of gear while driving, hesitation when you put the vehicle into gear, jerking when shifting gears and gears shifting for no apparent reason.
  • Strange noises: Oftentimes, transmission trouble is identifiable by the presence of unusual vehicle noises, such as whining, whirling, buzzing and clunking. Another sign is your vehicle making excessive noise while in neutral. Although these noises don’t necessarily point to a problem with the transmission, take your car in as soon as possible for a diagnosis.
  • Grinding gears: In manual transmission vehicles, be alert for grinding noises produced by changing gears. In automatic transmissions vehicles, meanwhile, you don’t want to feel the vehicle shaking when changing gears. These are signs of a worn clutch or other issues within the vehicle’s systems. Don’t let grinding gears persist—take the vehicle to your mechanic for an inspection.
  • Burning smell: Do you often smell transmission fluid burning, but not see any fluid, after you get out of your vehicle? This could be the result of a couple things, including gears overheating due to excessive friction. If the transmission is going bad, you might smell burnt transmission fluid when you’re outside your vehicle. A hot, burning smell is not normal.
  • Odd looking transmission fluid: The normal color of transmission fluid is bright red, with a distinctive sweet aroma. Fluid that appears dark and opaque, and that looks or smells burnt, indicates trouble.
  • Leaking transmission fluid: If you see a greenish or blueish, almost clear fluid on the ground where your car is parked, this is likely coolant. You should never see a red fluid. While transmission fluid leaking out doesn’t automatically mean the transmission is going bad, an ongoing leak can eventually cause damage.

Here at S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc., not only do we offer expert towing services, but we provide top-quality vehicle repairs as well. Reach out to us today if you are experiencing transmission trouble. Call to schedule an appointment for transmission repair in Centre County, PA!

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