Be Careful When Driving in These Five Most Dangerous Conditions

Be Careful When Driving in These Five Most Dangerous Conditions

November 7, 2018

The fall and winter seasons are full of beautiful scenery, unforgettable foliage and exceptionally dangerous driving conditions. If you’re planning any road trips or long-haul drives this season, it’s important to be aware of the hazards of driving in certain types of weather.

In the rugged interior of Central Pennsylvania, it can be especially challenging to stay safe on the road when weather conditions become adverse. If you ever find yourself in a position where it’s unsafe to continue driving, or where your vehicle is damaged because of weather conditions, it’s advisable to call for a trusted provider of roadside assistance in Centre County, PA.

Even if you’re an experienced driver, it’s also important to consider the condition of your vehicle before embarking on a long-haul drive or a journey through adverse weather conditions. If your brakes need work, or if your tires are subpar, you should have them serviced prior to leaving on your trip. Similarly, you should be conscious of your own fatigue, and remember to take occasional breaks and stay properly hydrated.

Here are the five most dangerous driving conditions, with a few tips on best practices to keep yourself and your passengers safe:

  • Fog: While it may not seem like fog would make for challenging driving conditions, it can substantially reduce your visibility and make it nearly impossible to see what’s ahead. Drive slowly through fog, and use your low beams to avoid further reducing visibility.
  • Ice and snow: Ice and snowstorms combine to produce many of the most challenging driving conditions, including slippery roads, reduced visibility and heavy wind gusts. When driving through snow, make sure that your windshield is properly defrosting, and drive slowly and cautiously.
  • Heavy rain and flash floods: When it’s raining heavily, your braking power may be substantially reduced. Additionally, flooded areas may not be visible until you’re directly in front of them. Reduce your driving speed when navigating heavy rains, and avoid driving through any hazardous roadways.
  • Extreme dark: While it’s not necessarily a weather condition, driving in extreme darkness does pose its own set of risks. For instance, driving in very dark areas reduces your visibility and makes it challenging to gauge your relative speed. Use your high beams when possible, and drive slower than you otherwise might.
  • Strong winds: Gusty winds are particularly common on mountainous roads, and they pose a substantial danger to drivers. Gusty winds can affect the handling and braking ability of vehicles of all sizes, though they’re particularly challenging for large trucks. Try to avoid exposed areas, and keep both hands on the wheel.

For more than three decades, S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. has been a trusted provider of roadside assistance in Centre County, PA. Our talented and skilled roadside service professionals are adept at providing your vehicle with the attention it needs, regardless of the time of day or the weather conditions. You can count on our friendly and highly qualified team to keep you safe on the road, no matter what. We specialize in servicing large trucks and tractor trailers. To learn more about our comprehensive service range, contact us today.

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