Pennsylvania's Steer Clear Law

Pennsylvania’s Steer Clear Law

August 29, 2018

Pennsylvania has what it calls a “Steer Clear” law in place that all motorists in the state are expected to abide by. This means if you come across an accident or vehicle pulled over along the side of the road and that incident involves an emergency responder, you need to “steer clear” of the area. Specifically, you are required by law to move at least one lane away from the incidents on the highway.

For the purposes of this law, emergency responders can include law enforcement, Department of Transportation vehicles providing emergency assistance and any other emergency personnel you see on the road. It also applies to the employees of a tow truck service in Centre County, PA.

If you are unable to move over because of traffic or other road conditions, you are expected to reduce your speed in the area for the safety of the responders and the people inside or next to the pulled over vehicles. A failure to either move over or slow down will result in a citation that carries a fine of up to $250. In addition, committing other traffic violations in these circumstances will result in the standard fine being doubled in your case. If that violation involves an injury to a worker, you could have your license suspended by the state for 90 days.

Important information to know

If you are involved in an accident, be sure to take the following steps:

  • Move your vehicle off the roadway as it is safe to do soExchange information with other drivers or parties of the incident, including insurance information, vehicle information, your contact information and any other helpful information
  • Contact police to respond to the accident
  • Take notes and photos of any damage and what occurred in the accident

If your vehicle becomes disabled while you’re out on the road, take the following steps:

  • Call 911 for police assistance, and provide your location as precisely as possible (including route, mile marker and nearest cross street)
  • Turn on your vehicle’s flashers, and if possible tie a flag to indicate you need assistance
  • Have the information of your preferred tow truck company and call them; otherwise, the police can contact a tow truck for youHave emergency contact information inside your vehicle or cell phone for police or emergency medical services to contact your family if needed

Finally, if you are out and see other crashes on the road, you should take the following steps:

  • Dial 911 to connect to the police and, if needed, fire and ambulance response
  • Provide police with as much information as possible about what occurred to help them form a crash report
  • Provide your contact information to police or drivers (if possible) so they can use you as a witness in insurance claims

For more information about the Steer Clear law in Pennsylvania, we encourage you to contact our tow truck service in Centre County, PA. S & R Repairs Towing & Recovery Inc. is here to assist you if you ever find yourself stranded on the highway.

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